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Shine or Die 24/120

Shine or Die 24/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 24/120

Integra: Alucard? Get them.

Alucard: Yes, Master.

Integra: I don’t have time for this. Just hold on to them.

Alucard: Will do.

Integra: And let’s bring everybody inside…because it’s bloody freezing out here.

Shine or Die 23/120

Shine or Die 23/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 23/120

Walter: {Sumiregawa-sama, it is an honor to meat you. Please excuse my poor Japanese. I am your biggest fan.}

Nenene: Arigato, Walter-san.

Yomiko: {I beg to differ, sir. I am Sensei’s biggest fan.}

Yumiko: No!

Sumiregawa-sama’s biggest fan is me!

Heinkel: [SLAP]

Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice published on No Comments on Liquid Ice

This only works if you’ve seen the contemporary LiquidIce commercials. (Which, by the way, are really flippin’ annoying.)

Pip: Hey, vampires can drink liquids, right?

Seras: Right…

Pip: Well, try this. I want you to settle something.

So…is it liquid?

Seras: I thought it was ice.

Pip: Yeah, you’re probably right. It’s ice.

Seras: No, wait, you were right at first. It’s liquid.

Pip: You’re right. It’s ice.

Seras: Captain, don’t worry. You’re right. It’s liquid.

Pip: No, you’re right.

Seras: You’re right.

Pip: You’re right.

Walter: Actually, the lab tests that Hellsing had done have conclusively proven that these are in fact part liquid, but in no way ice.

Seras: Oh.

Pip: Er…why was Hellsing running tests on something like this?

Integra: Don’t question me, servant. This is clearly a liquid.

Alucard: With all due respect, Master, this is ice.

Walter: It’s a long story.

Shine or Die 22/120

Shine or Die 22/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 22/120

Introductions are made all around.

Integra: Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing, director of the organization Hellsing. And our chief weapon, the vampire Alucard.

Yomiko: Yomiko Readman, alias The Paper, agent of the British Library Special Ops division. {Introductions. She’s the leader; he’s the vampire.}

Walter: Walter Dornez. Hellsing agent (retired), butler, avid reader. And of course, this is Sumiregawa Nenene.

Shine or Die 21/120

Shine or Die 21/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 21/120

Yomiko: Are you Sir Integral?

Integra: I am.

Yomiko: Joker sent you my file?

Integra: No; you were cited in the file on the mission.

Yomiko: How did you recognize me, then?

Integra: You were beating up my vampire with the contents of a filing cabinet. If you’re not “The Paper”, I’ll eat my scarf.

Shine or Die 18/120

Shine or Die 18/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 18/120

Integra: Yes, sir…understood. I’ll take care of it.

Alucard! Come here. There’s a job to do, and it needs your “expertise.”

Alucard (telepathy): Sorry, Master. I can’t.

Integra: And why not?

Alucard: I’m a little busy at the moment…

Shine or Die 16/120

Shine or Die 16/120 published on No Comments on Shine or Die 16/120

Alucard: Trespassing on the premises of Hellsing is forbidden. Depart.

Yomiko: {I wish Joker would tell me about these things! Sensei, may I borrow a book?}

{I’m sorry about this…}

Nenene: {Don’t worry. As long as we get out of this in one piece, the book doesn’t have to.}

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