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Feliz Nazidad 19/20

Feliz Nazidad 19/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 19/20

Untersturmführer = “junior storm leader,” the SS equivalent of second lieutenant. Rip’s just been promoted to Obersturmführer for the posession of sugar. (Obviously the SS has gotten a bit lax.)

Rip: This is for you, Herr Major. I’m sorry it isn’t wrapped properly–

Major: Why, Untersturmführer, you got me two gifts!

Rip: T-two?

Major: First the pfeffernüsse — it was delicious, by the way — and now these! I am promoting you to First Lieutenant.

Although you should have hidden the pfeffernüsse better.

Rip: But — but —

Schrö: Told you so.

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