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Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Cards

Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Cards published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Cards

Go Fish: the official card game of Shine. (Except Schrödinger, who thinks it’s horribly unfair that there are no real fish involved.)

Dandy: Pick a game, any game. Draw, Stud, Texas Hold ‘Em. Or we can devise a variant of our own. Whatever you desire, I shall play.

Rip: …I don’t know how to play poker.

Dandy: What?

How about rummy?

Rip: Nope.

Dandy: Snap?

Rip: Nein.

Dandy: Whist?

Rip: Who?

Dandy: Oh Hell?

Rip: Don’t you swear at me.

Dandy: …I’m not. It’s a game…*sigh*

And so:

Dandy: Got any nines?

Rip: Go fish. –Not you, Schrö!

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