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Feliz Nazidad 20/20

Feliz Nazidad 20/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 20/20

Major: You wanna try one, Schrö? Here you go! Who’s a good kitty? You are!

Schrö: Purr.

Rip: I think I need to shoot something. Or someone.

Dandy: Please don’t. Would you consent to play a game with me?

Rip: With those? No. One round of “Go Fish” could take weeks.

Dandy: Exactly!

Limited release complete. See you next Christmas!

Feliz Nazidad 19/20

Feliz Nazidad 19/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 19/20

Untersturmführer = “junior storm leader,” the SS equivalent of second lieutenant. Rip’s just been promoted to Obersturmführer for the posession of sugar. (Obviously the SS has gotten a bit lax.)

Rip: This is for you, Herr Major. I’m sorry it isn’t wrapped properly–

Major: Why, Untersturmführer, you got me two gifts!

Rip: T-two?

Major: First the pfeffernüsse — it was delicious, by the way — and now these! I am promoting you to First Lieutenant.

Although you should have hidden the pfeffernüsse better.

Rip: But — but —

Schrö: Told you so.

Feliz Nazidad 18/20

Feliz Nazidad 18/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 18/20

Dandy: This is a fine gift, my friend. I take my hat off to you.

Rip: It was nothing.

People always get me opera CDs, but nobody ever got me a case for them. So I figured the same thing would happen to you…

Dandy (thinking): Mistletoe!

Should I…or should I not…?

Schrö: MISTLETOE! [chu]

Feliz Nazidad 17/20

Feliz Nazidad 17/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 17/20

Dandy: These cards are unusual indeed, satisfying the “quality” test…

…and they are certainly not deficient in “quantity”.

In “variety”, however, my gifts leave something to be desired.

Rip: I thought this might happen, so I got you an automatic card shuffler.

Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Dinner

Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Dinner published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad – Christmas Dinner

Dandy: We have escaped the revelry of my countrymen.

Rip: This country is crazy.

Major: Rip Van Winkle! Tubalcain Alhambra! Schrödinger!

All: Yes, Herr, Major!

Major: We’ve been waiting for you and the food is getting cold. Get in here.

Doc: “Operation”? You shouldn’t have!

Captain: …

Zorin: A hemp tattoo kit?

Dandy: Now you will be able to test designs before committing to them.

Rip: A wonder bra?! Schrö!

Schrö: A ball of yarn! How did you know?

Major: You can all get back to your presents after dinner.

Feliz Nazidad 15/20

Feliz Nazidad 15/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 15/20

Cameos: Ashura and a bunch of others from CLAMP’s RG Veda.

There is much more ethnic diversity in Brazil than depicted here, but the manga is full of tan people.

Dandy: Oh dear…the hour of one has arrived.

Rip: You mentioned that before. What does it mean?

Dandy: It means we must make haste, for the missa de galo is about to conclude.

Rip: The what?

— Hey! Where did all the extras come from?

Dandy: The Midnight Mass just got out.

Feliz Nazidad 14/20

Feliz Nazidad 14/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 14/20

Schrö: Please?

Rip: Schrö, you already ate my first gift. Why would I let you touch this?

Clerk: Feliz Navidad!

Clerk (Portugese): You are an adorable couple! Good luck!

Rip: No! Down, kitty!

Schrö: But I didn’t!

Rip: What did I say?

Dandy: She said that I am quite handsome.

Rip: Ah. The hypnotism.

Feliz Nazidad 13/20

Feliz Nazidad 13/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 13/20

[Notes in brackets are translated from Portugese.]

The shopkeeper’s name is Cassandra, and she’s secretly a superhero whom I created for an AP Psychology project. (This has no bearing on the story.)

Clerk (Portugese): How will you be paying for those, sir?

Schrö: Can I have one? Just one!

Dandy (Portugese): Why, my dear, you wound me.

Would you really charge such a beautiful face?

Clerk: Gzlbp.

Feliz Nazidad 12/20

Feliz Nazidad 12/20 published on No Comments on Feliz Nazidad 12/20

Schrö: Ooh, candy!

Dandy: Choose quickly. The hour of one AM is nearly upon us.

Rip: They’re bound to have something the Major will like. Even if it’s not pfeffernüsse. Help me look.

Schrö: How about this one? Se-quil-hos de coco?

Dandy: Sequilhos de coco are composed of little more than sugar and butter.

Rip: Perfect.

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