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Tu Seras Avec Moi 28/43

Tu Seras Avec Moi 28/43 published on No Comments on Tu Seras Avec Moi 28/43

That last line is from the theme song of the Madeline TV show, which used to come on at five in the morning on the Disney Channel. The accents were beyond adorable.

Your bullets will not ‘arm me. I em “regenerator.” La France may be very secular zese days, but she remains of Catholique descent. End ze Vatican protects ‘er own.

Ze Holy League ‘as guarded zis land for ‘undreds of years. She does not need ze ‘elp of ‘Ellsing. My comerades will ‘andle zees vampire.

Bob: Um, mademoiselle Madeline?

Are they all as short as you?

Madeline: Zat eez not funny. Besides, eef you theenk you must be beeg een order to be tough…

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