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Une Histoire Brève du Christanisme (en France!)

Une Histoire Brève du Christanisme (en France!) published on No Comments on Une Histoire Brève du Christanisme (en France!)

The original Brief History of Christianity started here.

If you were paying attention during A Brief History of Christianity you already know this part…In 1517, Marthin Luther had a stunning revelation.

Luther: The church right now is really, really messed up.

People: He’s right!

Pope Leo X: He’s just some drunk German. He’ll go away.

Although protesting much of Catholic doctrine, Luther didn’t — at first — actually want to split from the church. But compromise proved…difficult.

Zwingli: Smash all the relics! Break all the stained-glass windows! Wreck all the fancy churches!

Ignatius of Loyola: Burn all the Protestants!

Luther has a point with this “priests shouldn’t preach contradictory things” bit…we should have some schools to sort that out.

To the church’s credit, it did fix some of its problems — for example, it came up with one doctrine and started teaching it to everyone. The Protestants, at this stage…don’t have a doctrine. They just know what they don’t do.

Enter John Calvin. He wrote a book organizing and spelling out Protestant beliefs — and gave it a more militant mission (i.e. “convert everyone now!)”.

John Calvin [holding Institutes of the Christian Religion]: Okay, folks, start getting converts!

France is a staunchly Catholic country at this point, but a French noblewoman named Jeanne D’Albert likes the way Calvin thinks…

D’Albert (thinking): This man could be on to something.

Next time: to Hugeo or not to Hugeo?

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