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Tu Seras Avec Moi 6/43

Tu Seras Avec Moi 6/43 published on No Comments on Tu Seras Avec Moi 6/43

“Glad you like it!”

Seras: Pip, this is all very nice…

Pip: Grad ‘oo rike iih!
[talking with his mouth full]

Seras: It’s just…I can’t eat. I mean, normal food makes me sick — I’ve tried it. So what if someone notices that I’m not touching my food…?

Pip: Mignonette, relax.

Dinner is not about eating, it’s about being social. We can be here for hours, and if you never happen to be eating when some person looks at you, they won’t think anything of it. Now will you at least try to loosen up?

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