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Oopsy, Rosie 7/24

Oopsy, Rosie 7/24 published on No Comments on Oopsy, Rosie 7/24

Integra: I don’t want to know why you want this information. Though I suspect it has something to do with Officer Victoria.

Pip: Not really…I just wanna make sure her boobs won’t eat me.

Integra: She has not yet manifested any shapechanging abilities, so in terms of getting close to Officer Victoria, that may be the least of your worries. More pressing is the fact that if she slaps you too hard, you break walls.

Pip: Well, at least that’s some kind of physical contact. …Even though I don’t think love is when you’re smacked across the room.

Integra: This is not a situation with which I have experience. You may want to ask Alucard for advice here.

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