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Fangirls Are Hell 49/60

Fangirls Are Hell 49/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 49/60

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Helena fan: and she’s probably old enough to know a lot of vampires. She can’t be bad because Hellsing leaves her alone and lets her live, and even mortals respect her, when a lot of them just laugh at vampires. Yay! Helena! The only really visibly smart one! How can you not love a good bookworm?

Integra fan 1: I bet it’s a London Fog trenchcoat because Integra’s so patriotic and squee!

Integra fan 2: and i’d even go gay for here… cuase she is that hot.. and amazing.. id like to drown in her blue eyes… sigh…

Helena fan 2: Helena would be even more cool if she kicked Incognito’s *** this time around… Seriously, What was up with not kicking his ***? Could have set him on fire or munched on his insides instead of pushing out. WTF Helena? Kick some ***. Come on. I know you can do it. Kick his ***…

Jan fan: And better yet, he’s a FREAK! I mean, that’s the beeping species’ name, Freak, and it’s also true about his personality! I mean, he BEEPing smokes Integra’s stupid little cigars and then shows that he thinks it’s stupid of her to waste money on them when half of the BEEPing world is starving to death, and then he goes and BEEPing kills people ‘cos he doesn’t REALLY BEEPing give a BEEPing BEEP! EEEEEEE! <3 Integra fan 3: If they could have kids, those kids would be worth chasing. Nevertheless, oh my Goth, can you imagine how hot Alucard and Integra would look like when they shag each other? I can rant more but I lost my train of thought. Integra fan 4: I AM BUT A YOUNG NOSFERATU LONGING FOR WHAT CAN NEVER BE!!!!!! Incognito fan 1: Well first off given the fact I believe Incognito was a last minute addition he made good use of his time. It left a lot of plot holes like who his master was (signs that I don't think they meant to stop at 13), his origins, and how he got control of the chips in the first place. He also had cool background music, especially when summoning Seto (tribal drums) and creating the zombie army that would attack the Tower. while he wasn't able to defeat Alucard he did manage to cause a LOT of damage and hey even Andersong got a smile out of the fight. That has to count for something. Incognito fan 2: What can I say about Incognito? First off, he's the only to take Alucard to withen an Inch of his life... er... death.... undeath? Thats always a winner in my book, plus, he's not afraid to wear an embarassing color or go around in the nude! Common, how badass is that!? Not to mention his love of Heavy firepower, that little gattling gun thingiemajig he's got definatly impresses me.... although I do belive he may be compinsating for something... But he's still as badass as can be!! Common', Evil vampires are great, but ones that can summon evil gods of destruction are even better!

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