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Fangirls Are Hell 47/60

Fangirls Are Hell 47/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 47/60

Fan 1 [Dickens mode]: Integra’s bespectacled countenance commands the throbbing beats of my heart. Were she my master, I would gladly let her play with my levels of Control Art Restrictions. All for the chance to behold her _mocha tinted skin, supple flesh restrained by binding cloth that threatens to burst from the form it contains. Servitude would be a welcome exchange for the opportunity to admire her soft, golden locks that frame a noble visage and to gaze into the azure orbs that with but a glance could wither the most base of rogues.

Fan 2: I am totally obsessed.. I mean, 100000%.

Shoulder devil: You’re an awfully lucid fanboy.

Fan 1: In motion, her body moves with confidence and grace of a goddess of the old world. Her will is a more resilient stuff than the swords of the ancient samurai. Her voice echoes through the heavens so that even God and Gabriel

Shoulder devil: All right, no more references to that lot.

Fan 1: must pay heed to her clarion calls for justice. Her orders I would obey with all my heart, as every supplication would bring me closer to her essence. Such a course I would maintain until I might realize my fantasy of gazing upon her dozing form, her mind at peace, and the worship of the goddess transformed from ethereal to earthly.

Fan 2: Normally I’d say something like ‘hellsing is all my life and I became BI because of Integra” but it’s too banal, isn’t it..?

Fan 1 [Ecchi fanboy mode]: Though I wouldn’t be adverse to also being witness to some hot yuri action between Integra and Rip Van. Then throw Yomiko Readman in there for good measure. Yummy.

Shoulder devil: Much better.

Fan 2: so.. I’ll just say: If I had time I’d spend all my life searching vampires, and Hellsing sources…

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