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Fangirls Are Hell 40/60

Fangirls Are Hell 40/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 40/60

(Now you know why Integra fangirls this year were only allowed in if they thought her sexy.)

Back in Hell:

Fan 1: KYAA!!!!!!! I love her! I’d marry Integra if she’d say yes!

Fan 2: her eyes are so beautiful and i want to touch her hair it’s so pretty and i want to call her Master and mine mine mine!

Fan 3: even with glasses she has a hard edge that makes her soft but strong all at the same time…she has the mind of a leader

Fan 4: I’d watch unofficial cartons or real unofficial mangas with her any day! I can see why the doujinshi-ka likes her so much! SQUEE!

Fan 5: she is the HOTTEST Lady in anime and manga. Of course, my friends think I and insane for saying that but I don’t care.

Fan 6: Her hair, her suit, her figure, her eyes, her face, her voice, her shoes, her gloves and EVERYTHING that has got to do with her! I just want to meet her and tell her how much I

Shoulder devil: Well, this is annoying. Listen, you little rats, I’m not the Sir Integral you love.

Fans: But you look just like her, which means you’re just as hot!

Shoulder devil: Uh-oh.

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