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Fangirls Are Hell 21/60

Fangirls Are Hell 21/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 21/60

The portal’s path sucked this character in and then dumped her in Baalberith’s office, rather than pulling her all the way through to one of the ends. More evidence that you shouldn’t mess with portals.

Essentially, the path of the portal was “yanked” straight, undoing the twists caused when Sett and the others accidentally diverted it. But someone has gotten caught in the process….


Baalberith: What? There’s nobody on my schedule right now. Who are you?

Someone: This is Hell, isn’t it?

Baalberith: You catch on quick.

Someone: I’m not supposed to be here…

Baalberith: That’s what they all say.

Fangirls Are Hell 20/60

Fangirls Are Hell 20/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 20/60

Take a look at the computer monitor in the fangirl world . . . you can see this comic in progress, with a large white blank where the photo then got put in.

The Path of the Portal

Exit: “Disruptors of Integra’s mission” subcircle of Hell

Diverted from: Integra’s office

Inadvertent twist: sky over eastern United States

Entrance: Fangirl world

Sett: Come on, clossse…


Fangirls Are Hell 19/60

Fangirls Are Hell 19/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 19/60

Fangirl: I can’t belive you were killed so easily!! you are REALLY cool and my god did i mention you’re SEXY???

Luke fanboy: blinded by it later on.

Fanboy: Order 09: Red Rose Vertigo is my favorite episodes in the Hellsing Anime Series, with Order 07: Duel.

Laura: Any chance we could keep just a few of these around?

Fangirl: You could probably beat the stuffing out of any of the other vampire lackeys like Jan and Luke!!

Luke: Lackeys?

Jan: Bleepin’ bleep.

Fangirl: you’re also WAY better looking then all of them, ESPECIALLY Incognito!

Incognito: No, we’re getting rid of all of them.

Laura: Sigh…fine.

Fangirls Are Hell 18/60

Fangirls Are Hell 18/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 18/60

Cori the baobhan sith fanboy and Kiyuu the baobhan sith fangirl join the fray.

Fanboy: I have a great deal of respect and love for Sithy! She’s the only one whose recorded so far as to getting the closest to Integra, she almost got Seras called, although I love Seras to death. She came in quickly and quietly, made everyone think she was Integra’s sister and waited for a little bit of chaos with Incognito to ensue so she could get the chance to get at Integra. Her teasing is… SSSSSOOOO HOT! It’s scary to think how much she pulled, even

Laura: Don’t remind me…

Fanboy: though it didn’t seem like Integra wasn’t enjoying it (Or, atleast, not enjoying it too much <_<), but I digress, it's a great scene, and to me Sith is a great character. She's got allure, but she was intelligent enough for a character who could only last one episode to at least wait for Alucard to leave so she could have a bit of fun. Of course, when Integra upset her, she had to run a sword through the glorious leader's stomach, and that did suck, cause I wanted to see her bite and turn Integra! Sure, I wouldn't! mind if Alucard did it either but that would have been so great! She even inspired dreams in Integra's head, Laura: Wait, I did what?

Fanboy: which was symbolic on a few levels

Laura: No kidding.

All right, Sett, these things are depressing. How do we get them off?

Sett: Sssadly, I do not know.

Luke fanboy: expressions cause him to be an enigma within himself. His voice dazzles with unearthly delight. He could talk you to death! And his cold demeanor in not to be forgotten. Standing strong and unsheveled in any circumstance, he is the last man to take a fall.

Sett: You have ssseen that they do not sssurrender their grip easssily. I sssussspect that our firssst move ssshould be too–

Laura fanboy: and finally gave Integra the clue as to realizing that she was an only child.

Luke fanboy: Hellsing in the entire series. Finally, his confidence can only be rivaled by people that are true vampires or that are going to be


Fangirl: OHMYGOD BUBSY-CHAAAAAANNN!!!! you are SO COOL and SEXY too!

Laura: Okay, so they aren’t all depressing.

The Year In Doodles

The Year In Doodles published on No Comments on The Year In Doodles

11/4/04: Lime from Saber Marionette J, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Integra.

(I had a red pen out at the time, so I added a bit of spot-coloring. This was scanned in greyscale, and the color restored digitally.)

12/22: Leslie (from the SNRPG)

1/5/05: Jesus (from this often bizarre but occasionally cool historical novel. You’ve probably heard of it; it’s pretty famous)

[a Mary Sue, but so cute.]

1/25: A whole lot of Enrico Maxwell plus one sketch of his mom.

(I was working on the “Enrico looks like a male version of his mother” idea. As it turned out, I haven’t needed to draw her yet anyway.)

2/23: Baalberith and its angelic counterpart. (You still haven’t met the angel yet.)

3/23: Alex and baby Enrico.

(I’d just seen the manga scene in which Alex has a flashback to little-kid Enrico, so I was inspired.)

As it turns out, my young-Enrico art has all been inaccurate. The actual young Enrico looked a whole lot more like Draco Malfoy. Oh well.

Fangirls Are Hell 17/60

Fangirls Are Hell 17/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 17/60

Fanboy: kick everyone’s behind if only he was a real vampire. It would be so cool if they had had him join Hellsing as a permanat character or even as a secondary one because he is just sooo handsome and cool. I wish I could be like him

Luke: A little help here, please?

Kim: Oh…sorry.

Fanboy: He is sharp, confident, and tactful. Keen and quick on his feet, he can out do hardly any other with his deft wit. Not to mention his vogue fashion and looks. His hair is to die for, as is his wardrobe. His pale, dead

Luke (thinking): Strange…why do I feel so conflicted?

It’s as if I’m simultaneously being pushed towards her and pulled away…

Fanboy: because he always has a good plan and he seems to be one of if not the smartest artificial vampire that attacked

Fan 1: I ship LukexKim!

Fan 2: Well, I hate Kim!

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