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Fangirls Are Hell 34/60

Fangirls Are Hell 34/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 34/60

Mmm, fishnets.

Shoulder devil: I’m here to see about a particular soul. In life, he was called Paul Wilson. There was a last-minute request at his death. He was consequently misfiled.

Here is i. He’s a mass murderer with a pathological need to be strong and in control. So, although he got in the way of the Hellsing mission, he was put under the jurisdiction of the dominatrix succubi.

Paul: *whimper*

Baalberith: Take him down to the right subcircle, then I’ll handle the paperwork. But why are you involved with the succubi? You’re only a devil on a person’s shoulder.

Shoulder devil: You know what that person’s like. If I want any fun, I have to get it somewhere else.

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