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The Year In Doodles

The Year In Doodles published on No Comments on The Year In Doodles

11/4/04: Lime from Saber Marionette J, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Integra.

(I had a red pen out at the time, so I added a bit of spot-coloring. This was scanned in greyscale, and the color restored digitally.)

12/22: Leslie (from the SNRPG)

1/5/05: Jesus (from this often bizarre but occasionally cool historical novel. You’ve probably heard of it; it’s pretty famous)

[a Mary Sue, but so cute.]

1/25: A whole lot of Enrico Maxwell plus one sketch of his mom.

(I was working on the “Enrico looks like a male version of his mother” idea. As it turned out, I haven’t needed to draw her yet anyway.)

2/23: Baalberith and its angelic counterpart. (You still haven’t met the angel yet.)

3/23: Alex and baby Enrico.

(I’d just seen the manga scene in which Alex has a flashback to little-kid Enrico, so I was inspired.)

As it turns out, my young-Enrico art has all been inaccurate. The actual young Enrico looked a whole lot more like Draco Malfoy. Oh well.

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