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Fangirls Are Hell 17/60

Fangirls Are Hell 17/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 17/60

Fanboy: kick everyone’s behind if only he was a real vampire. It would be so cool if they had had him join Hellsing as a permanat character or even as a secondary one because he is just sooo handsome and cool. I wish I could be like him

Luke: A little help here, please?

Kim: Oh…sorry.

Fanboy: He is sharp, confident, and tactful. Keen and quick on his feet, he can out do hardly any other with his deft wit. Not to mention his vogue fashion and looks. His hair is to die for, as is his wardrobe. His pale, dead

Luke (thinking): Strange…why do I feel so conflicted?

It’s as if I’m simultaneously being pushed towards her and pulled away…

Fanboy: because he always has a good plan and he seems to be one of if not the smartest artificial vampire that attacked

Fan 1: I ship LukexKim!

Fan 2: Well, I hate Kim!

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