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Fangirls Are Hell 16/60

Fangirls Are Hell 16/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 16/60

Sean and Lake the Luke fanboys enter, while Kim, as usual, thinks about TV.


Kim (thinking): So…”fangirls” can compel a hot blond guy to make out with his dead brother.

Fanboy: Take a look at Luke. He looks like Alucard with blonde hair and it makes him look soooo handsome! Look at how even

Kim (thinking): (And they don’t need to be female, either; some are more like “fanboys”.)

Fanboy 1: Alucard praised him in Order 6. He’s sooo cool and relaxed about everything until Alucard went all crazy on him and killed him ;-;. I think that Luke would definitely come out

Kim (thinking): Oh, think of the ratings that would bring!

Luke: Don’t say “dogging”!

Fanboy 2: Luke is simply the perfect example of a undogging mind set.

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