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Fangirls Are Hell 10/60

Fangirls Are Hell 10/60 published on No Comments on Fangirls Are Hell 10/60

Reporter-girl Kim. Let it be said that I tend to portray her in Shine as more twisted than I think she actually is, in order to justify her being in Hell. If this comic were entirely serious, I’d put her in Heaven.

Fangirl: It would take a lot to make a cooler hat then that. I want to take it from you because it is so cool. The piercings are also very cool too. I mean I can’t even count how many you have so it must be a lot! I want that many piercings one day

Jan: Four of the little bleepers, bleep yeah! We’re pimpin’ now!

Fangirl: I can run around and be all Jan-like then I it will be so cool. You should get another army of ghouls together and try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! That would be even cooler!

Kim: Given the size and proportions of those beings, that brings a very disturbing image to mind.

Jan: Who the bleep asked you?

Fangirl: luke is awesome and awesome and luke could kill alucard if he could do that BIg EvIl SCaRy thing alucard does but thats okay that he can’t cus then he’d be all creepy like and luke has long

Kim: And me without my camera…

Jan: You’re bleepin’ sick, bleep!

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