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Seras vs. Star Wars fans

Seras vs. Star Wars fans published on No Comments on Seras vs. Star Wars fans

The clerk is the same one from the manga, in the Rio hotel.

If I had a vampire like Alucard, I’d make him do this for me all the time.

[In the ticket line for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.]

Seras (thinking): Walter sure does get into this “cosplay” thing…It’s a pretty amazing effort, when you think about it. I guess it just shows that he’s a true fan.

Peanut gallery: Hey! Star Wars came out two weeks ago! What kind of fans are you?

Seras: Well, maybe some of us have been busy saving your lousy butts from vampires all week!!

Walter: Thank you, Seras.

Seras: Jerk.

Pip: Look on the bright side…we get in free!

Alucard: We have the tickets you’re looking for…

Clerk: Move along.

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