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Sketchbook: Single Panel Gags

Sketchbook: Single Panel Gags published on No Comments on Sketchbook: Single Panel Gags

Erin: In which we see some random gags of mine, one where the punchline does better with no setup. (They’re in reverse chronological order, by the way: newest first.) And in which we also see why Erin doesn’t mouse-draw speech bubbles.

Pip: I’m all for kinky, but…
Seras: *chew chew chew*

[Why Integra keeps her hair long.]

I was on a short-haired-Integra drawing kick for a little bit. What can I say? She’s a babe with short hair.

Integra: Get your eyes off my neck.

Alucard: You know, the cigar is more or less the most well-known phallic symbol.
Integra: This from the vampire who won’t stop asking for bigger guns.

This last one’s a piece of Shine history; I used it in one of the first plugs for the strip, on the Hellsing LJ community.

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