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Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: OVA Announcement

Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: OVA Announcement published on No Comments on Doujinshi-Ka’s Inbox: OVA Announcement

Erin: Ladies and gentlemen, say farewell forever to the perennial rumors of more Hellsing anime. At last, there’s news that is not just a rumor. It’s confirmed: the plans have been made to produce a brand new Hellsing OVA. Let the cheering commence.

(Oh, and I’ll answer a few questions…)

Hang on. What’s an OVA?

An OVA (Original Video Animation) means animation that is released directly to video, without going to theaters or TV first. OVAs are generally higher-quality than the TV series (like the existing Hellsing anime).

This OVA’s ‘episodes’ are also slated to be 35 minutes each: longer than a standard half-hour (minus commercials) TV spot. But there may also be fewer of them.

Will the OVA be more faithful to the manga than the original series?

That’s what it looks like. One thing you have to remember is that the original anime was made when only two volumes of manga were out.It couldn’t go into the full plot of Hellsing as we now know it. But as far as adapting the beginning went, it actually did very well.

if the OVA is as faithful to manga choreography as the original anime, then we can expect to be very impressed with it. (Plus, no Incognitos this time around!)

Does this mean the manga is almost over?

Hirano-san did say there would be no more anime until the manga ended, which suggests he’s close to finishing it. Of course, at the pace which he works, even two more volumes will take two years to come out. And at the current rate of plot twists…well, let’s just say, Hellsing addicts, don’t panic just yet ^_^

Will the OVA be released soon?

Not hardly. It’s not evendrawn yet — just planned. (But Geneon already has a leg in. Be optimistic.)

Anything I should do?

Rip, Pip, Schrödinger, Heinkel: We’re getting ANIMATED!

Erin: Yeah. Rejoice.

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