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Raid the Sketchbook: Last Year

Raid the Sketchbook: Last Year published on No Comments on Raid the Sketchbook: Last Year

Erin: Because a surprising number of you seem to have liked this feature, and because it’s easy to do, it’ll be back every once in a while. But first, I have lots of old sketches that I never used. So, without further ado, I give you:

The “Cleaning Out All The Badly Drawn Junk From Last Year” Special!

Major: Hooray! It’s war! I’m so happy! There will be a war again!
[My impression of the Major.]

I copied this Integra from the anime and this Alucard from the manga. They seem to have about the same look on their faces…

Remember, kids: To get better at something, you have to start out worse.

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