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The Pip Backstoryline 13/24

The Pip Backstoryline 13/24 published on No Comments on The Pip Backstoryline 13/24

Although Pip is French, he would most likely think in English when in an anglophone area. However, writing his thoughts in his native language gives me a chance to practice my French.

The deep inner workings of Pip’s brain:

Pip (thinking): 1ement: Seras me demand si je m’intéresse à une autre femme donc c’est possible qu’elle soit jalouse. 2e: Seras est superbe. C’est une vampire, mais elle est superbe quand même. Donc, ce serait impressionnant si elle est jalouse. Donc la question est: comment puis-je la rendre plus jalouse?

[1st: Seras is asking me if I’m interested in another woman. Therefore, it’s possible that she’s jealous. 2nd: Seras is hot. A vampire, but hot all the same. Therefore, it would be impressive if she were jealous. So the question is: how can I make her more jealous?]

Laisser entendre que j’ai cet intérêt.

[It’s simple: hint that I’m interested.]

Pip: Mmmmaaaaaybe.

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