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Little Enrico’s Halloween 3/7

Little Enrico’s Halloween 3/7 published on No Comments on Little Enrico’s Halloween 3/7

Mother Maxwell: Now remember to thank and bless everyone who gives you something.

Enrico: Uh-huh, uh-huh.


Mother Maxwell: Ah, your friends must be here.

Mother Maxwell: Heinkel, Yumiko, you look adorable.

Yumiko: Thanks, Mother Maxwell! Hi, ‘Rico!

Heinkel: Heya, ‘Rico.

Mother Maxwell: Heinkel, you’re a wolf?

Heinkel: Not just any wolf! I’m the wolf from the desert from Jeremiah 5:6!

Heinkel: Which means I shall destroy sinners! Grr!

Enrico: So cool!

Enrico: What are you, Yumiko?

Yumiko: I’m a member of the Spanish Inquisition!

Enrico: Awesome!

Yumiko: Thanks, it was Yumie’s idea.

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