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Little Enrico’s Halloween 1/7

Little Enrico’s Halloween 1/7 published on No Comments on Little Enrico’s Halloween 1/7

Enrico: Halloween… a disconcertingly pagan holiday, unconsciously or deliberately spreading irreverence and heresy among the young.

Renaldo: Father Maxwell, is it really that bad? It isn’t as if any pagan sect is actively wielding Halloween as a threat to Catholicism. It’s almost a secular holiday.

Enrico: Yes, but have you seen some of the costumes? Devils! Witches! Ghosts! Children dress up in heretical outfits for the sake of material pleasure.

Renaldo: Come now, sir, didn’t you ever go out for the candy?

Enrico: Oh certainly. But you can bet I wasn’t heretical about it.

Mother Maxwell: Enrico, you’re the cutest little Pope that I’ve ever seen…

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