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Integra In The Field

Integra In The Field published on No Comments on Integra In The Field

Pip: So… what’s so great about Sir Integra, anyway?

Pip: I mean, she talks tough, but so far all she’s done is give orders from her office. And get rescued from a desert island. What’s she ever done in the field?

Pip: ‘Ere now, that is all I’ve seen! If there’s more don’t get mad – just tell me.

Seras: Oh, I will.


Seras: (She uses her sword on him in the manga.)

Pip: Wow. That is pretty amazing. She sounds like a force to be reckoned with. Excuse me for a moment.

Pip: Er, guys? That little prank we were planning… we may have to reconsider.

Wild Geese: Does that mean we have to return the mongoose?

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