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Return of the Fangirls 79/107

Return of the Fangirls 79/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 79/107

All three of those fans are PxS-shippers, by the way.

Fan 1: Volume 3, he’s hardly ther at all! He just pops in at the end with the rescue chopper. Pip could have kicked butt! Volume 4? Pip-less! Serverly lacking in the pip-ish-ness… to none! Wahh!

Pip: I don’t know what’s going on, but I could get used to this.

Fan 2: that’s really not nice in any way shape or form but really who cares when your battling legions of undead but he was so cute when he was a little boy and I’m going to name my kid after Pip just because he’s Pip and he has the most amazing grandfather and I’m really jealous of Seras because he obviously likes her but no matter I shall fight tooth and claw for my Pippin!

Seras: Captain, with all due respect, get off me. Now.

Pip: Aw, but I’m enjoyin’ this!

Seras: Christ, you’re as bad as Master…

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