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Return of the Fangirls 68/107

Return of the Fangirls 68/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 68/107

The last batch of Alucard fans: from left to right, Jared, Erica, Kyona, Caitlyn, Amanda, Alyssa, Dani, Valerie, and Alex.

Alucard: I could get used to this.

Integra: All fangirls are insane.

Fan 1: Alucard is so strong and Alucard is so cool and Alucard is so stylish and Alucard has the coolest glasses in the world. I want Alucard’s treachcoat! Alucard has such cool powers and Alucard is so sly and Alucard is such a

Fan 2: MAHAHA! Yoush have the sexiest voice and hair and glasses and big red hat and coat with the little armie-capie-thinies and the

Fan 3: Alucard would make a perfect lover for Integra, he has a nice smile and

Fan 4: ahh!! ohhmygosh Alucard is so freaking amazing


Fan 6: I just think Alucard is the shiznit!!

Fan 7: Alucard is such a bad*** and he’s so hot and he has the best fashion sense for someone his age and even when he was tied in that strait-jacket in the dungeon he was sooo sexy and his hair is so cool since it can extend or shorten however he feels like I wish I could have Alucard’s hair! And in episode 10 where he watched over Integra through her whole operation was the sweetest romantic thing I’ve ever seen without going over the top and

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