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Return of the Fangirls 42/107

Return of the Fangirls 42/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 42/107

Wyrren may be an Alucard fangirl, but she absolutely loves Seras in that state.

Fangirl: Alucard is so powerful and Alucard has such a sexy voice and Alucard’s got two really cool guns and Alucard never lets the enemy get away and Alucard’s so dark and mysterious and Alucard always says such cool stuff and everybody’s afraid of Alucard and Alucard’s always so proud and Alucard makes such a good master and Alucard looks so hot when he smirks

Seras: Excuse me…

… but who are you calling “Master”?

Fangirl: All right! Seras is being all scary and berserker and vampiric! Yeah!

Seras: Er… that’s not quite the reaction I was hoping for…

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