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Return of the Fangirls 20/107

Return of the Fangirls 20/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 20/107

It’s animated. Wait for it!

Fangirl: Seras is NOT useless! I’m so sick of hearing that! Why on earth would Kouta Hirano create a character with no purpose? He wouldn’t! Seras is a perfect counterbalance for all of the violence and domineering personalities in Hellsing. I forget who had said it but someone had said that she represents what Hellsing fights for–the pure within the dark evils of the world.

Seras (thinking): People think I’m useless?

Fangirl: If Sir Integra didn’t think she could pull off being a member of the Organization she would have had Alucard stick it to her and that would be that. But that doesn’t happen, she’s still around. I trust Sir Integra’s judgement. And it may just be that she is the eye candy of the anime, but she is more than that. She has a personality! Seras also represents a point of view that…

Seras (thinking): People think I’m “eye candy”?

Fangirl: …would normally be looked over. She is the eyes and voice of the reader/viewer… she is new to all of the shoot the living dead bad guys. We really don’t competely know what is going on and neither does she and we discover that as the anime progresses. And why is it that the cheery people are always looked down upon, eh? Seras has integrity! (hehe….that word always makes me smile to find when its in books…) Granted that hers is a caliber different from Sir Integra and the rest of the crew, but still it is her own! Just because she cries and is hesitant doesn’t mean that she is weak. It just means she’s a newbie!

Seras (thinking): They all know about me crying?

Fangirl: Let’s have a little respect for the Police Girl! I know that if I ever was turned into a vampire I’d wish I’d be half as well as she’s doing considering the circumstances. And if anyone would care to notice the “weak and useless Police Girl” is in manga number 6 and still kicking although a little on the banged up side, but none the less she is still around!

Seras (thinking): Do I have any good qualities?

And the moral of the story is… we tend to take for granted the good things people say about us, and remember only the bad things. Some of us more than others.

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