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Return of the Fangirls 4/107

Return of the Fangirls 4/107 published on No Comments on Return of the Fangirls 4/107

And with Morgan the Integra fangirl, it begins in earnest.


Fangirl: Integraaaaaaaaaa! Whoamygod, Sir Hellsing is so forceful and strong,


Integra (thinking): It looks different from last time…

Fangirl: compassionate for her work and squeee she’s the best there is

Enrico: Integra, you recognize these things?

Fangirl: and will kick your sorry butt and see I can do the Integra dance! Integra dance, wheeee!

Integra: Yes, unfortunately. They’re called fangirls.

Desert Island Storyline 32/34

Desert Island Storyline 32/34 published on No Comments on Desert Island Storyline 32/34

In the Hellsing Mansion, shortly after the return:

Enrico is in the shower washing his hair, unaware of what a nice fan service pose he’s in. He’ll borrow something to wear from Integra when he gets out (yes, they wear the same size).

Integra’s in a similar situation (different shower, though). She’ll be out sooner: she has less hair to wash.

Seras, who has never seen Enrico before except in a bulky coat and hat and a lot of snow, seems to be in shock.

Seras: he’s a… bishounen?! And he was all alone with Sir Integra… and he’s an actual, real-life bishounen?

Walter, who has seen Enrico before – and, more to the point, has seen Enrico with Integra before (remember the manga?) – is definitely in shock.

Walter: They’re being… civil to each other? They can be in the same room… and not end up throwing things at each other?

This, by process of elimination, leaves Pip to be the one in charge of phoning the Vatican.

Pip: Hello, Iscariot Organization? This is Captain Bernadotte of Hellsing speaking. Have you by any chance lost a certain blonde pretty-boy?….

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