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Desert Island Storyline 13/34

Desert Island Storyline 13/34 published on No Comments on Desert Island Storyline 13/34

Enrico: Honey, I’m home!

Children: Mommy, did you make cookies?
Integra: Could be…

Children: Can we have some?

Integra: How was work, dear?

Enrico: Horrible
Children: Ewwww!

Integra: Now, kids, what do you say?

Children, Mommy, may we pleeeeeeease have some cookies?

Integra: Certainly. They’re chocolate chip and… ?!
Integra (thinking): Blood?!?

Child: Did you make these with your own blood, mommy?

Integra: Oh, God…
Alucard? Are you all right, honey? You look pale.

Integra: I’m dreaming… I’m dreaming… Alucard!


Integra: …

Alucard: You sure have weird dreams.

Integra: Brilliant observation, Holmes.

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