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Desert Island Storyline 5/34

Desert Island Storyline 5/34 published on No Comments on Desert Island Storyline 5/34

Enrico: I’m bored. Let’s talk.

Integra: About what?

Enrico: I don’t care. Anything.

Integra: All right then… explain why it’s so abhorrent to use Alucard to help yourself. In any situation, not just this one. Answer as though it’s an innocently curious Catholic asking.

Enrico: Well, what’s wrong with any sin?

Integra: But why is it a sin?

Enrico: Vampires are creatures of Satan; any association with them in satanic.

Integra: Satan exists in Hell. Vampires exist in our world. Can you prove them inherently evil?

Enrico: They exist only to destroy God’s creatures and children.

Integra: Most animals exist only to eat and reproduce. It’s their nature.

Enrico: But vampires are intelligent.

Integra: So are humans. But most of the species has yet to go vegetarian.

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