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Desert Island Storyline 3/34

Desert Island Storyline 3/34 published on No Comments on Desert Island Storyline 3/34

Enrico (thinking): “Let’s go separate ways to get wood, so we can change clothes while we’re at it”? She had a change packed?? I just had my swimsuit and tank top… Oh no, what if all she has is that bikini? I won’t be able to think straight!

Enrico, you have to focus! She’ll walk all over you if you let yourself get distracted by her legs… and arms… and ch- —stop it! Jezebel was beautiful. Bathsheba’s beauty led David to disgrace himself in the eyes of God. But Esther was beautiful, and Judith was beautiful, and they’re heroines. Integra isn’t Judith! Focus!

Integra: Ready to start the fire?

Enrico: Er— Well— That is— —yes?

Enrico (thinking): So far, so bad…

Mother-of-a-Fangirl’s Definition Corner
Because my mom studies theology, and I assume most of you don’t.

Jezebel = Old Testament queen who killed a whole lot of prophets.

Bathsheba = Beautiful wife of one of King David’s generals. David arranged for her husband to die in battle so that he could marry her.

Esther = Married the king of a foreign land to influence him to stop the government’s persecution of her people, the Jews.

Judith = Killed the general of an invading army by using her beauty to get close to him. (Catholic Bible only.)

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