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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 7/26

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 7/26 published on No Comments on Vacation, All I Ever Wanted 7/26

Cameo: Aino Minako. Background includes Kaiou Michiru and Kino Makoto.

Integra (thinking): This is actually quite a nice place…the sun, the sea, the wind…I think I’ll lie down on one of those chairs and just relax for a while…

Passenger: Hey there, handsome. I couldn’t help noticing your great tan…

Integra: Eighty-two.

Passenger: Excuse me?

Integra: You are woman number 82 to mistake me for a man and try to flirt with me.

As there are only about 150 people on this boat, a good portion of them are male, and many of the females are attached…I suspect some of the single women have hit on me twice.

Passenger: Um…excuse me, I think I hear my friends calling.

Integra (thinking): Yes…I definitely like it here.


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