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Heinkel Saga

Heinkel Saga published on No Comments on Heinkel Saga

Enrico: Vatican Section XIII, Enrico Maxwell speaking…

Erin: Hey, Enrico! This is your doujinshi-ka!

I’ve just been watching Excel Saga. It’s brilliant! Bizarre, random, and fantastically hilarious. Never have I seen so much humor packed so densely! It’s a model that I would be honored to try to imitate.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads-up. If you notice any sort of…changes…around Iscariot, that’s what they’re for. That’s all I wanted to say! Bye!

Enrico (thinking): Hm…I wonder what sort of “changes” will come?

Yumiko & Heinkel: HAIL, LORD IL ENRICO!

Anderson: *whimper*

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