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The Storyline From Hell 8/26

The Storyline From Hell 8/26 published on No Comments on The Storyline From Hell 8/26

Note from The Future: “Bubbancy” is the anime dub’s attempt to spell “baobhan sith” while assuming it’s a name. She doesn’t have a proper name, so in the transcripts I’ll just call her “baobhan sith” until further notice.

Baobhan sith — pronounced “baa’van she” — Bubbancy, one of the White Women of the Scottish highlands.

A species of vampire best known for their hypnotism.

Primary sin: messing with Integra.

Cause of death: Alucard.

Current mood…

…well, we were going to say “mad as hell.” But that’s a dangerous comparison to make down here.

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