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When Fangirls Dream: Ready Set Glow

When Fangirls Dream: Ready Set Glow published on No Comments on When Fangirls Dream: Ready Set Glow

Note from The Future: Over 10 years later, and we still get girl characters with boyish names to indicate that they’re unique and offbeat…but somehow, always still safely within the bounds of conventional gender expression. Rowdy butches with crew cuts in flannel and leather, with or without “girly” names, are mysteriously harder to find! Still not over it.

When Fangirls Dream:

Freddie: Hi! I’m Freddie!

My boyish name makes me “unique” and “individual” — a perfect person to model your life after! My purple skin makes me non-race-specific! My multicolored friends and I have a website at! Now that you know all that, come buy purple products with my face on them!

Erin: Never! You’re exploiting gender pride and the idea of “cool” to get girls to buy silly and useless beauty products! Begone, Vile Fiend!

Freddie: …

Those same products with Integra’s face on them…

Erin: GIMME.

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