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Helena’s Reviews: Pet Shop of Horrors

Helena’s Reviews: Pet Shop of Horrors published on No Comments on Helena’s Reviews: Pet Shop of Horrors

Helena: ready for something a little easier on the eyes than pages of text? Most manga will do, but Matsuri Akino’s Pet Shop of Horrors is particularly worthwhile.

The manga is often creepy, sometimes funny, always intriguing, and beautifully drawn on top of that.

The pets from the shop in the title tend to make philosophical points, but they also generally leave someone dead, so our pushy detective is trying to get evidence of illegal activities.

Not that he can ever faze the shop’s cool, pretty, mysterious, sugar-loving proprietor, Count D…

[Officer Leon Orcot (no, they don’t call him Police Boy) / Count D]

Integra: Wait a minute!

Everyone’s a “D” these days! Vampire Hunter D, Count D…

What is it with people and the initial D??

Characters from the anime Initial D: Somebody call us?

Leon: Hey, watch it! There’s no more room in this panel!

Helena: Just go read Pet Shop of Horrors. You’ll be glad you did.

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