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Nothing Ever Changes 6/22

Nothing Ever Changes 6/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 6/22

Renaldo: Is that it, sir?

Enrico: No, but —

Anderson: Is he telling the story about meeting Integra?

Enrico: Yes, I am.

Anderson: Can I listen in?

Enrico: I don’t see why not. Pull up a chair.

Renaldo: Wait, weren’t you there when he met Integra?

Anderson: Yes, but the story changes every time he tells it.

Enrico: It does not!

Nothing Ever Changes 5/22

Nothing Ever Changes 5/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 5/22

Integra: I’m a Protestant!

Enrico: Then you can’t play here. This is a Catholics-only sandbox.

Anderson: Yeah!

Enrico (narrating): Naturally, she left.

Integra: Fine. Be that way. See if I care!

Nothing Ever Changes 4/22

Nothing Ever Changes 4/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 4/22

And that’s when she showed up…

Lord Hellsing: Now Integra, play nicely, all right?

Integra: Hi! I’m Integra Hellsing.

Enrico: Enrico Maxwell.

Integra: Can I help you build a castle?

Enrico (narrating): Of course, I had to know one thing first:

Enrico (past): Are you a Catholic or…something else?

Nothing Ever Changes 3/22

Nothing Ever Changes 3/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 3/22

Alex is much older than Enrico. In fact, he’s close to Walter’s age. Enrico, therefore, is not a reliable narrator.

Enrico: There was a small playground outside the church where the meeting was to take place. My mother told me to play nicely there while the adults talked; hopefully there’d be other kids to play with.

But until Integra showed up, there was nobody else there but me…

…and of course my best friend, Alexander Anderson.

Enrico (past): Alex, quit messing with the shovels and come help with my sand castle.

Integra vs. Windows

Integra vs. Windows published on No Comments on Integra vs. Windows

Tech: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…?

Hot, humid, full of bugs, not at all cool, with an aversion to work and a tendency to continually crash?

I think I shall…

Integra: Now look. I don’t care what your opinion is of Windows XP. Just install it on our network, now. Got it?

Tech: I don’t even want to think about what I’d compare her to…

Nothing Ever Changes 2/22

Nothing Ever Changes 2/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 2/22

Enrico: Let’s see. There was an international meeting of vampire hunters held here, and Integra’s father was coming…

Renaldo: Wait a minute. Her father? Just how long ago was this?

Enrico: Oh, ages.

We were both about five or six at the time…

[plane window]

Nothing Ever Changes 1/22

Nothing Ever Changes 1/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 1/22

This storyline was actually drawn before the Christmas one. And now you know why the art has gotten worse.

Vatican Section XIII – Iscariot Division.

Enrico: You mean there’s nothing going on? Nothing at all?

Renaldo: No vampires, no meetings, no problems. not a thing. In effect, we have a day off.

Enrico (thinking): Hmmm…

Enrico: Did I ever tell you about the first time I met Integra Hellsing?

Renaldo: I sense a lengthy flashback coming, sir.

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