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Nothing Ever Changes 22/22

Nothing Ever Changes 22/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 22/22

Renaldo: How far off was that version of the story?

Anderson: Actually, that was entirely accurate.

Renaldo: really?

Anderson: Mmmmmaybe.

Renaldo: Wait a minute. Was it truthful or not?

Anderson: Well, now, that would be telling.

[And, as they say in Cross Fire: eheh, END]

Nothing Ever Changes 21/22

Nothing Ever Changes 21/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 21/22

Dark Horse gave Heinkel a German accent in the manga translation. I’m avoiding accents altogether.

Enrico: Okay, all of you, out of my office. Now!

Yumiko: But aren’t you going to finish?

Enrico: That was the finish. There’s nothing more to tell. Now shoo!

Yumiko: Well, that was anticlimactic.

Heinkel: I’ll say.

Nothing Ever Changes 20/22

Nothing Ever Changes 20/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 20/22

Enrico: That’s when she stalked off, and…

Has everyone in Section XIII come to listen to my story?

Yumiko: Pretty much, yeah. We’re bored…

Nothing Ever Changes 19/22

Nothing Ever Changes 19/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 19/22

Integra: You’ve already broken any friendship there could’ve been between us. You wouldn’t let me play in the sandbox with you, just because I’m not a Catholic!

Don’t pretend you forgot, because I definitely haven’t! I won’t go along with your silly pretense of friendship. Now get out of my way!

Nothing Ever Changes 18/22

Nothing Ever Changes 18/22 published on No Comments on Nothing Ever Changes 18/22

Enrico (narrating): It took me a while, but at last I gathered my courage — and some dandelions — and followed her.

Enrico (past): Hey…um…Integra?

Renaldo? You offered her a bouquet? How did she respond? Did she accept it?

Enrico (past): That was really cool, the way you took out that vampire, bam, bam, just like that! Anyway, would you like to come play in the sandbox with me? I know you’re a Protestant, but I’ll make an exception…

Enrico (narrating): You were there last time I gave her flowers. Let’s just say she hasn’t changed.

Integra: Oh, shut up!!

Anderson Has Many Names

Anderson Has Many Names published on No Comments on Anderson Has Many Names

Heinkel: You have gone by many names…

Father Anderson…Paladin Anderson…hit man Anderson…Bayonet Anderson…Killing Judge Anderson…Angel Dust Anderson.

And yet, of all these, there is one nickname you have never been given (and for good reason, I see):

“Plumber Anderson.”

Anderson: Just shut up and hand me a wrench.

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