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Cigar Break 4/12

Cigar Break 4/12 published on No Comments on Cigar Break 4/12

Integra: Seras, I appreciate your concern, but there’s really no need for it. It isn’t as if I’m addicted to cigars.

Seras: Prove it. [scary vampire mode]

Integra (thinking): How did I know she’d say that?

Seras: Give ’em up.

Integra: How long?

Seras: Why not forever?

Integra: Because I’m only doing it to prove that I’m not addicted. How long will that take?

Seras: Ah. And during this time you won’t smoke any cigars or other tobacco?

Integra: Right. A week? Two?

Seras: One month?

Integra: Thirty days, starting now.

Seras: Deal.

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