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Fangirl Karaoke: Sk8er Boi

Fangirl Karaoke: Sk8er Boi published on No Comments on Fangirl Karaoke: Sk8er Boi

– This better not be sloppy just because it was left to the last minute!

– Relax! We’re being drawn with a tablet!

– Today we’re doing a parody of…where’s my script?

– Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi!

– Oh yeah! And it’s in cosplay, too.

– Enjoy!

He was a boy, she was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?
She hunted freaks, he was undead
What more can be said?

He liked her blood; she won’t admit
But secretly she would like to get bit
But she has a job, and needs to stay live
Plus she has a problem with his crimson eyes

He was a vampire boy
She said don’t you bite me, boy
He’s not human enough for her

She had those ice blue eyes
They glared at him full of pride
She’s still human, vampire hunter…

Ten years from now, they come to the town
Of Cheddar with ghouls roaming all around
Her vampire comes out, and what’s that he’s got?
He’s holding a girl, and human she’s not

She starts to get mad, but he says hold on
The police girl made the choice on her own
They take her home, and give her a room
Where she can sleep in the afternoon

He was a vampire boy
She said don’t you bite me, boy
He’s not human enough for her

Now he’s turned someone else
And it isn’t hard to tell
His servant’s a lot like his master…

Sorry, sir, but you missed out
Well, tough, he’s my Master now
I am more than just human
This is how the series ends
Too bad that you couldn’t see
How human a vamp can be
You can’t see it through your pride
But I am still human inside

He’s my Master, and I’m just a girl
Can I make it any more obviious?
I’ve got a crush, haven’t you heard?
And he rocks my little world…

I went to vampire boy
I said I don’t want a bite
I don’t want to lose my master

I feel like I’ve become
Something so inhuman
And he still likes you better, Sir…

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