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Beauty and the Beast 8/34

Beauty and the Beast 8/34 published on No Comments on Beauty and the Beast 8/34

I was going to call these two Jack and Diane, but I figured pulling the British-aristocrat names from a song about “two American kids growing up in the heartland” would be a bit odd.

[overhead shot]
Integra (thinking): Hm…Crowded.

Lord Huntington: Sir Integra! Jolly good to see you!
Integra: Lord Huntington, our gracious host. A very good evening to you.
Huntington: To tell the truth, I didn’t expect you to show up. Awfully glad you did. Let me introduce you to my children — the whole point of this occasion is to get James and Diane to socialize a bit. They’ve been just dying to meet you…

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