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First Time Reading Dracula

First Time Reading Dracula published on No Comments on First Time Reading Dracula

Corrections from The Future: Integra is Abraham Van Helsing’s granddaughter, not great-granddaughter; and the Hellsing manga was later identified as taking place in 1999. Shine, however, begins in 1997.

  • Ooooooooooooooo……
  • No, Jonathan, go back to your room!
  • Good thing Mina never got to see the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It used her name but it wasn’t like her at all…
  • Yay! Van Helsing has arrived!
  • ooh, wouldn’t it be fun to tell you! Someday your great-granddaughter will call for help, and a vampire will answer…
  • Hey, Hellsing takes place in 1997, exactly a century after this book was published!
  • No, you fools! Mina’s been Superwoman the whole book long — she’s not gonna suddenly go pale out of nerves!
  • That’s right, Miss Lucy did it! She’s a vampire!

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