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Shopping Spree 2/28

Shopping Spree 2/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 2/28

Walter: Sir, I think this might be a beneficial thing for you to attend. You do need to take a break every once in a while.
[It’s an old-fashioned fancy dress ball…]

Integra: I have my duties, Walter. I don’t have time to waste on social frivolities such as exchanging small talk with the rest of the aristocracy. You know that as well as I do.

Walter: Actually, Integra, we’ve had no major cases in the past three weeks, not a single freak chip vampire has made itself known in quite some time, you’re entirely caught up on your paperwork, intelligence is on top of all its issues, every agent is performing adequately, the study of the freak chip mechanism is progressing slowly but steadily — in fact, everything is going as smoothly as it ever has…
Integra: All right, all right! I’m convinced!

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