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When Fangirls Attack 15/25

When Fangirls Attack 15/25 published on No Comments on When Fangirls Attack 15/25

In the last panel, that’s the Alucard fangirl talking, not Alucard himself. (Fangirls can appreciate characters other than their own particular obsession. Just not as much.)

Walter: Might we return to the topic at hand?…A number of fangirl sites express enjoyment at something code-named “Order 09: Red Rose Vertigo.”
Integra: What’s that?
Walter: A video clip is now loading.

Seras: Hey! Why are you covering my eyes?
Integra (anime clip): Do you think you’re torturing me?…*choke*
Walter: Oh dear…

Integra: I will NOT go through that again.
Walter: Agreed.
Fangirl: But you were so sexy in that one!
Fangirl #2: And so brave, and so strong…
Seras: I don’t want to see it anymore.

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